Quick and Easy Skillet Cookie

Quick and Easy Skillet Cookie


Well guys, I finally did it……I’ve got a quick, easy recipe for you with ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen! Funny thing is this recipe was actually a little tougher for me to develop than I thought it would be. Limiting the ingredients and techniques I could use proved to be quite the challenge. With every round and tweak I made the cookie still tasted flat to me. Usually, I would brown the butter or add in something like non-fat dried milk powder or whole wheat pastry flour to give the cookie some more depth. Buuuuuut I promised this recipe would be crazy, super easy so I restrained myself and ended up discovering a secret ingredient that I might not have thought of before.

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Balancing the Fun with the Not So Fun

Choc Chip Cookies

Starting your own business requires a lot of focus and self-motivation, especially when you’re working out of your home.  I try to maintain a relatively normal work schedule Monday through Friday.  My goal is to be as productive as possible those days.  I can get a wee bit distracted and if I don’t have a schedule my days might look a little something like this: “Oh wow it’s actually warm outside? I should get a quick 4 mile run in.” Followed by, “I wonder what’s on TV……holy crap a Boy Meets World marathon?! I should probably watch that.” Which would inevitably lead to, “I wonder how production is going on the Boy Meets World spin-off…….I should Google that!”  As you can see, it’s really best for everyone if I keep myself on track.

At this point, I spend most of my days testing and researching recipes.  Unfortunately, today I was waiting on an ingredient to arrive from Amazon and didn’t have anything to test.  This meant I had to figure out another way to be productive.  There is something I have been putting off, but knew I had to do……the dreaded kitchen inventory.  Rooting around my cupboards is not my definition of a fun morning, but it was definitely necessary.  I have a ton of random baking supplies and have been meaning to do an inventory so I can see exactly what I have and exactly what I need to buy.  The upside of doing this means I’m totally justified in buying more baking supplies (yaaaaaay).  The downside is that I realized I HAVE to buy more baking supplies (stupid lack of income).  Turns out, I have some incredibly random supplies and am lacking some very basic ones.  For example, I have a deep dish tart pan, but no pie pan. How this happened, I have no idea.

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