Tuesday’s Market Menu – June 11, 2013

Backcountry Thumbprints

Backcountry Thumbprints (Vegan):  The healthiest cookie you’ll ever eat.  A hearty, but tender walnut-pecan thumbprint with fruit preserves in the middle.  The perfect fuel for your backcountry adventures this summer!

Salted Caramel Brownies:  The ultimate salty/sweet treat – a thick layer of salted caramel sandwiched between a fudgey dark chocolate brownie.

Chocolate Malted Brownies:  The nostalgic flavor of a Chocolate Malt Shake comes to life in the form of a brownie.

Homemade Pop Tarts:  The breakfast treat you loved as a kid, but with a grown-up twist.  Flavors like Brown Sugar and Strawberry are enclosed in a light, flaky pastry.  Simply place them in your toaster for a warm, delicious treat anytime of the day!

Oatmeal Biscoff Cookies:  A chewy Oatmeal Cookie is taken to a new level with the addition of Biscoff Spread and rum-soaked raisins.

Huckleberry-Blueberry Streusel Bars:  A buttery shortbread crust is layered with a mix of Huckleberries and Blueberries and crumbly streusel topping.

Chocolate Truffle Cookies (GF):  A deep, dark, fudgey chocolate cookie with hazelnuts.


2 responses

  1. Love the packaging. I guess you’re too busy baking to blog about how your first days at market have gone. Sell out?? Congratulations on this interesting baking journey. It all looks yummy. Wish I were closer so I could buy some of your goods.

    • Thanks! I’ve definitely been busier now that the market has started. It’s been a lot of fun though. The Salted Caramel Brownies are my most popular item so far – sold out in under an hour last week! I’m hoping to get a post up this week with a fun recipe for summer and also an update on how the market is going.

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